How did you come up with the idea for Unshrinkit?
One of us accidentally shrunk a sweater and simply refused to settle for the existing home remedies and random suggestions.  As a team, we spoke to friends, chemists, moms, wool makers and designers before developing Unshrinkit for you.

What instructions have worked best for customers?
Happy to share our suggested process.  Unshrinkit it works best with the steps below: 
STEP 1: Fill sink with warm water (3 liters),  then pour entire bottle of Unshrinkit into sink.
STEP 2: Soak clothing in mixture for at least 30 minutes for maximum effectiveness.
STEP 3: Rinse clothing under cold running water, then gently stretch to preferred size.
STEP 4: Squeeze out any excess liquid and lay clothing on a towel to dry.
Gloves are optional.  We designed Unshrinkit it for sensitive hands, but if you normally use gloves for washing dishes or handling laundry, please feel free to use them here too.

Can I only use Unshrinkit on wool? I want to use it for everything!
We tested and re-tested and then re-tested the current formula to do three things exceptionally well with wool. First, we wanted to maintain its fabric and color brilliance as what’s the point of restyling your favorite garment if its dull and fuzzy afterwards? Second, we wanted the wool fibers to move easily without requiring any excessive stretching.  And finally, we wanted it to be just as safe as soap or conditioner.  

This first product is optimized for wool.  Although it will probably be more effective than conditioner or fabric softener for cotton, that is not is intended purpose.  We are working diligently to roll out the product line to every type of major fabric!

Where is Unshrinkit produced and manufactured?
Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

How long will it take to arrive via standard shipping? I’d love it right away.
As shipped via USPS, the package will arrive with 3 - 5 business days after the order is processed.  If you would like it to arrive more quickly, please reach out to us at info@unshrinkit.com.  We are happy to accommodate your situation.  Unfortunately, we cannot ship Unshrinkit to international territories.

What is the shelf life for Unshrinkit?
Unshrinkit should be used within 12 months of purchase for optimal performance.  Do not keep a portion of Unshrinkit stored as it should all be used during the unshrinking process.  

Who did you use for the video production and talent?
We received amazing work from Ecast Productions for the video filming and post-production.  We worked with Leila Stricker and Matt Tolf as the talent leads.  Thanks for watching the video - glad you liked it!


I am more of a visual learner. Would you mind providing pictorial, step-by-step instructions?
Sure, here is a detailed slideshow to walk you through our recommended approach.