No need to worry.

Finally, you can unshrink
your favorite wool clothing.

Who doesn’t love their favorite cashmere, merino or wool blend sweater?


We all make mistakes in the laundry room – really, we do.
But we no longer have to throw away our favorite wool jackets, sweaters, socks, dresses and gloves.


Unshrinkit is a patent-pending liquid solution that helps people gently unshrink their
wool clothes back up to their original size.


It’s hand safe, color safe and sweater safe. No re-shrinkage. No damage. Real results.


The emergency sweater saver has arrived

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How Unshrinkit Works

Did you know that wool clothing is made up of thousands of fibers?
When you buy a sweater, its fibers are long and straight. Warm water or dryer heat can break the bonds and cause the fibers to curl up into a ball, shrinking your clothes.

Unshrinkit reverses that process.


Send a photo of your before/after OR 5-star review, and we’ll send you a complimentary bottle as a thank you!
As we say, “Don’t panic, Unshrinkit.”

What types of wool can Unshrinkit, unshrink?

All kinds of wool and wool blends!
Check out laundry tips for Lambswool, Merino, Cashmere, Alpaca and other fabrics.

Your Satisfaction.

100% Guaranteed.

Your sweaters deserve nothing less.