Shaping the future of laundry with a little help from the Grommet

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”
- Peter Drucker

- Unshrinkit meets The Grommet - 

We serendipitously crossed paths with The Grommet, an innovative product launch company, on a few top "mommy blogs" and Twitter earlier this year.  It was a great match from the outset.  They loved that we had a universally appealing product that actually helped unshrink wool clothing.  We loved that they focused on new products and showcased authentic stories of innovation.  Suffice it to say, this made all the difference on why we elected to partner with their team first.  Everyone kept wondering if it was truly possible to unshrink a favorite sweater.  But we felt confident that the future of laundry rooms everywhere included an effective way to return clothes back to their original size.  The Grommet celebrates the future wave of products, and so it was a natural fit to launch Unshrinkit on their website.  

Unshrinkit on The Grommet 

We could not have predicted the amazing response though!  Within hours of the launch, we were reading dozens and dozens of notes from students, moms, laundromat goers, lifelong knitters, husbands, and other entrepreneurs.  There were questions about the unshrinking process, wool fabric blends, the manufacturing country (USA!) and more.  But more so than anything, there was a sense of true gratitude and excitement that we had released Unshrinkit on the market.  It was gratifying to know that we were playing a unique role in shaping the future (of laundry).

Unshrinkit on YouTube  


 Pictured: Matt Kahn, Desiree Stolar and Nate Barbera, the Unshrinkit Team