The moment of clarity

-- 24 days after the infamous shrinking of the tan sweater --

"Do another Google search?"


"Yes. How is it so many people accidentally shrink their clothes every year and there's not a single product on the market to help them out?" 

"I know.  It's crazy.  There are thousands of sites and blogs devoted to the subject, and hundreds of YouTube videos.  But I can't find anything that doesn't require mixing or purchasing a bunch of home remedy ingredients.  And there isn't even a standardized process for how to approach stretching a sweater back to its original size." 

(silence as this sinks in)

"Well, let's do something about it.  Something real - not a rip-off of others' ideas, but a real product.  And it has to work *and* be safe.  I'm not giving my friends or Mom something I wouldn't use myself!"

"Ok, it's unanimous.  We're not giving up until we can offer a product and a process that's quick, safe and - most importantly - unshrinks clothes."