It was great. A product that actually did what it was supposed to do. I would recommend it to anyone. I used the whole bottle and it was enough for two sweaters.
I just unshrank 3 cashmere sweaters with this product (1 fine, 1 mdm, and 1 heavy gauge, using 1 bottle of product). This worked far better than the "Yankee" method of unshrinking (which involves soaking)
This is how a few bucks will give a $500 dollar sweater a new life! Soooo cool. Thx ya.
Unshrinkit delivered on its promise to relax those tight fibers. I'm happy to say I got to wear my sweater again today. I'm glad I bought two bottles, in case anything else shrinks. I've been singing your product's praises!
Shout out to the team at Unshrinkit. Your product saved my favorite polo. After years of washing and shrinking, it had become a mid drift. It's back in action and ready for the golf course now. Thank you!
Love this - like new again. Bought 5 bottles so far. I have beautiful sweaters and years of dry cleaning has shrunk them.
I am very pleased. The robe was a very tight weave so I think that is why I had a problem in the beginning. I would use this product again and again if need be.....but hope I won't have to. Thanks!
Unshrinkit seems to untangle the wool fibers, allowing the garment to be re-stretched into a slightly bigger size. I don't think it will work miracles if you shrink something to half the size it was.  Overall, this is much cheaper than replacing the dress. I am impressed that it did work!
My jacket came out with the wool looser. Unshrinkit does work better than vinegar or conditioner. I did this with a sweater ‘blazer” and another sweater. I may get a bottle and try it as a regular final rinse aid on my sweaters. I like that nap it restores to them.