Top 5 Sweater Shrinkage Causes

In the past minute, someone probably shrank a sweater.  But why? There are sites that provide guidance on how to properly care for a wool sweater.  But no one talks about WHY we frequently ruin our wool clothing.  

So, why DO we accidentally shrink our favorite wool sweaters and accessories…? Read below.   

5.  The latest presidential debate is airing.  The debate becomes so fierce that you completely forget to tell your spouse *not* to put that wool sweater in the dryer with the other items.  Civic duty > laundry duty.


4.  Everyone comes over to watch the latest episode of Game of Thrones.  Everything else is forgotten.   “Winter is coming.” But the clothes are shrinking.


3. Your parents called.  You know you should go downstairs and rescue your sweaters from the apartment building’s intense dryer, but you also know you will lose the signal.  You know better than to cut them off when they are excitedly talking about [insert neighborhood event, hometown team or latest family episode].


2.  Many, many texts later you realize that you were not thinking and should not have washed *that* sweater.  The sprint to the laundry room commences.


1. It’s OK.  Many of us have lost track of time while being entertained by a moment similar to this.  Consider this the stand-in for the sweaters simply lost to “that funny video online.”


Our thoughts: this probably means you should keep an Unshrinkit bottle in the laundry rooms at all times.