#TeamSmallBiz – Unshrinkit & Quickbooks

Similar to many others, we began using Quickbooks out of convenience and familiarity.  To our surprise, we discovered a dynamic and supportive  community of small business owners within the OWN IT platform. We shared our insights, and we learned something every day from others. Watch the video and check out our latest insight.


OWN IT Insight from Unshrinkit – #TeamSmallBiz

[credit: Intuit Quickbooks, 2015]


As you may recall, Unshrinkit became a top 10 finalist in the Small Big, Big Game competition this past fall. In early November, Intuit had all of the finalists (representing 10 different cities across the country!) descend upon San Jose, CA to share their stories and products with over 3,000 attendees.


Time and time again, people came up to Team Unshrinkit at the OWN IT booth to exclaim how excited they were that we had solved an every day problem. A few conference attendees would ask what prompted us to create Unshrinkit, and we would have to admit that it was to save our own wool sweaters. So, it was with little hesitation that we asked for that insight to kick off the OWN IT small business feature.


If you keep encountering a nagging problem, it is very likely others are dealing with the same issue. Go find the solution!  If all else fails, at least you satisfied your own need.