Unshrinkit Surprises with Shark Tank Airing

Team Unshrinkit had been preparing for Wednesday, October 28th for almost five months.  In May, our team was admitted into the 2015 Mass Challenge Finalist cohort in Boston, MA.  For four months, we would receive access to top-notch mentors, thoughtful workshops, access to top companies in our industry and free work space.  For any venture, this was a dream set-up!

After two rounds of judging, Team Unshrinkit made it to the Top 26 out of 128 finalists.  We would have the opportunity to give a 1-minute pitch in front of 2000+ supporters and journalists at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center.  Our CEO, Desiree Stolar, honed and practiced her pitch with the team for a full week prior to the event.  And then, 18 hours before the big pitch, we found out we were going on SHARK TANK!




Knowing this was an amazing opportunity to finally share our good news with our friends, fellow entrepreneurs and supporters – as well as many prominent people in the city of Boston – we elected to scrap our old pitch altogether and kick off the night by announcing we were going on the show every small business dreams of joining.   It was a magical moment in the building and we were glad to be a part of it.

The full transcript of the speech is below.

In two weeks, Americans will discover they can finally unshrink their sweaters.  Because Unshrinkit will be on Shark Tank on November 13th!! 

My name is Des Stolar, CEO of Unshrinkit.  Our patent-pending solution UNSHRINKS shrunken wool clothing.

  • We created Unshrinkit in our dorm rooms at Harvard Business School – and then partnered with a chemical analysis lab to enhance it
  • Every bottle of Unshrinkit is hand safe, color safe and sweater safe. 
  • The Today Show highlighted it best: Unshrinkit makes laundry less stressful. 

We’ve sold over 8K bottles and are on track grow by 300% this year, all while preserving attractive gross margins.

Our supplier, based out of Massachusetts, is supporting us as we scale.

Now, we’re also top 10 finalists to win a free commercial in the BIG GAME from Quickbooks (and by big game, I mean the big game the Patriots won in front of 100M viewers)! So we need your help. Vote for us, tweet about us, ask your friends and colleagues to support us. www.unshrinkit.com  

Thank You MassChallenge & THANK YOU BOSTON!