The “Apprentice” Becomes the Master

Team Unshrinkit is in the middle of a fierce competition to win a free commercial in the BIG GAME (i.e. the one with 100 million viewers each February) courtesy of Intuit/Quickbooks.  To stoke the competitive fires even more, Intuit had Bill Rancic (the first Apprentice who Donald Trump selected) join each of the top 10 finalists in their respective cities.  It was a fantastic opportunity to gain insights into what tactics and mindset would be needed to win the competition.  Before you read on, feel free to vote now:!




Bill’s top advice for us:

  1. Follow (and follow-up with) all leads.
  2. Be methodical and grateful in your execution.
  3. Don’t forget to mind the business itself.

This might seem like basic advice, but it was delivered with sincerity, reflection and humor from a true entrepreneurial master.  Bill reminded us that every former teacher, every former soccer teammate, every connection and every organization (both past and present) could play a role in our ultimate success.  He didn’t want us to look back on the experience and feel as though we did not give it our all.  In addition, he encouraged us to make a deliberate plan for reaching out to people and garnering their votes.  But it would be important that we follow-up with those same people to say thank you.  Be grateful for the support you receive and let people know in a timely fashion.  Finally, he urged us to not forget that we still had to run a business throughout the competition.  It’s hard to balance pursuing a commercial worth $5M with building up your business, but you have to “mind the store,” so to speak.


For those who might pursue the Small Business, Big Game competition in 2016, feel free to reach out to us.  We have a lot of guidance to share on what we have learned so far!


-Team Unshrinkit