#SweaterWeather U.S. Map

For awhile, it was a mystery to us why Unshrinkit was doing so well in Florida.  But then the Weather Channel released some sweater stats…



For over the past year, we have frequently received the question: do people in the Southeast and Southwest of the U.S. actually wear sweaters?  The common assumption is that people in Tampa, Santa Monica and Dallas do not wear sweaters – so they certainly would not need Unshrinkit!


But a curious thing was happening:  we would have order requests from San Diego, Austin, and Clearwater.  And not just one or two, but repeat orders or bursts in one warm-weather zip code.  Obviously, people were wearing sweaters there.  The Weather Channel’s survey of over 7000 consumers gave us some insights as to why.


Yes, Minneapolis is COLD in the winter and Boston racks up record inches of snow.  But if you are used to 90 degrees with high humidity and then the temperatures drop thirty degrees, you will want to grab a sweater.  In other words, “sweater weather” is completely relative.  South Dakota and Arizona are polar opposites when it comes to their tolerance for cold weather, but both states have a lot of sweater owners.


Mystery solved!