Sweater Stores #2: Memorable Customers with Looped Yarn Works Owner Susan Galbraith

If you have never seen the unassuming, but incredibly friendly Looped Yarn Works store off of Connecticut Avenue, then you should take an hour to visit.  Couples, friends, moms, and random visitors were all milling about either looking at the variety of yarn types or sharing recent adventures with a recent garment.  I definitely wanted to linger.   But Susan gave me such interesting answers for our next entry in the sweater stories series, that I wanted to capture her thoughts online.  Read below for more.



1. What has been your most memorable exchange with a customer?

A woman came in one evening.  It took me a few moments to realize it, but she was blind.  We began to chat and she told me that she had learned to knit as a child in a school for the blind.  What struck me was that she had a sense of color as she walked around the store.  I had to ask how.  To my surprise, she said that she learned color by association.  In just one night, she taught me so much about observation, perceptions and the feel of yarn.  I have never forgotten that evening.


2. What is your favorite wool garment that you made yourself and why?

I have probably made over thousands of garments in my life.  However, I still remember a wool garment I made in college.  It wasn’t the most stylish or the fanciest garment by any means.  I made my sister a square wool jacket that I had seen on the cover of Women’s Day magazine.  It could probably compete in a “goofy” sweater contest today.  However, I invested a lot of money and time and love into the sweater.  And to this day, my sister has still kept this sweater – albeit it is now retired!


3. How do you feel the knitting community (or knitting business) has evolved as of late?

I began knitting over 32 years ago.  The fibers and colors available today are completely different!  The rules have changed too – once you have a bit of skill, anything goes.  I won’t say that anyone can be a designer, but the playing field is much more level these days.  If you are talented, you can make your own way and gain notice.  I feel as though there is room for everyone.  Ravelry has helped a great deal and so have mobile devices.  The world of knitting has changed dramatically during my lifetime.