Sweater Stories #1: Opening day memories with Fibre Space owner Danielle Romanetti

This past week, we connected with Danielle Romanetti in Alexandria, VA. She opened up Fiber Space in Old Town, Alexandria over five years ago with a keen knowledge of what high quality wool fibers would make her clientele happy. Plus, she knows a thing or two about creating a welcoming environment for the uninitiated to the extremely dedicated wool lovers. Look at the store lounge below…!
We asked Danielle three questions about her experience running Fiber Space and we absolutely loved her responses. It is no wonder her business is thriving. Read below to see why so many people flock to her store. Her enthusiasm for the wool fiber space is both endearing and infectious.
1. What has been your most memorable exchange with a customer?
My most memorable customer exchange…that is a hard one. I think my most memorable was one of our first days open. We had just locked the doors for the night and a very excited woman and her boyfriend came running from across the street and smashed their faces up against the door trying hard to see everything inside. I went over and unlocked the doors and invited them in. They were so excited that we were happy to stay open late for them. They ended up making quite a pile of yarn and explained that they were frequently in Old Town and couldn’t believe that a yarn shop had opened across the street from Five Guys (which is where our original location was). I was happy to let them in. After making their pile on the counter, her boyfriend paid the tab. I remember telling her that he was a keeper! Not only were they back but collectively they have become some of our most loyal customers…They had their engagement photos taken in a pile of yarn purchased from our shop, and they have since chosen Old Town as their home for their new little family!
2. What is your favorite wool garment that you made yourself and why?
A few years ago I made a bright green cabled sweater out of my favorite yarn and in my favorite color. The color is a deep rich green called “Rock Creek Park” and dyed by a local hand dyer who started her business around the same time that I started mine. She names her color ways after different DC neighborhoods. We actually do quite a bit of business together and she is currently my largest vendor account!
3. How do you feel the knitting community (or knitting business) has evolved as of late?
I have been excited to see the transition towards local and US made yarns. While we all love our imported merino wools, it has been tremendous to see a surge in US grown wool available here.
You can find Danielle and team at Fibre Space in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia. www.fibrespace.com/